The Entrance Fee of Mount Bromo

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The entrance fee of bracket Bromo differs based on the location you enter. There are just four entrance you may choose to reach the village tourism in Bromo Cemoro Lawang, in Village Wonokitri, from Village Ngadas Overlaping and out of Village Burno. The major entry point is cemoro Lawang. The village of Ngadisari becomes the symbols For entry the national park in Bromo. The entrance fee of bracket Bromo. Prior to park entering, if you drive your vehicle, you’ll be guided into parking lot in the bottom of mountain. Upon exiting out of your vehicle, If you use a pre-arranged tour, there are will be a person which will approach you to offer a ticket for a jeep trip To take you to the Brom-Crater and see the sunrise.

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The entrance fee of bracket Bromo differs for the domestic and foreign tourists. To go to Bromo, for the national tourist, the entry fee price Rp.27.500 at weekday and at weekend it increases to Rp.32.500. For the foreign tourist, it costs about Rp.217, 500 in weekday and I weekend it’s price with Rp.317.500. Because of the accessibility and a route that is far away and require transportation, there’s transportation leasing that accessible Entrance Fee of Mount Bromo. You may choose to rent a motorcycle, jeep or a car, bicycle and horse riding. For renting car, it costs about rp.10.000, motorcycle about 5000, bike 2000 and horse leasing 10.000.

Advice for the entry price of bracket Bromo. As it’s stated before in parking auto, you’ll approach with the person who offers you a ticket. Be cautious because they often increase the price and get the ticket that you may buy straight from the office behind them. Just just go to the office and ask to buy a coupon code. This can give you more reasonable cost. As an alternative, you may walk or take a motorcycle taxi. That offer you a more negotiable price. Be mindful when your tour service or hotel attempt to collect the park entrance fee at pick up time.

The operators have been ask for a free payment before you board your jeep and this will hand you with conventional fee paid receipt. The receipt isn’t entrance ticket. It’s Will go unchecked at entry Gate Park like most parks employees will cut on the program for not checking ticket for specific cars. In case you don’t consent to practice, refuse to pay and ask to stop at the park gate and buy your ticket. The official entry fee of bracket Bromo is pink published paper also it’s chain numbered.