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Importance of Choosing Open Adoption

This type of adoption involves the disclosure of the identities of both families involved in the adoption.This means that, the two families can communicate, and interact with each other.As a result of this, there are several advantages that the adopted child gets to enjoy.The following benefits are associated with open adoption.Open adoption is beneficial in the following ways.

During open adoption process, birth parents are the ones that control the whole exercise.This is because, the parents will interview, and select their preferred adoptive parents who will raise their kid on their behalf.As a result, the child’ biological parents can feel confident about their child’s safety and security.Since there is regular communication and constant visits between the two families, the birth parents are assured of their child well-being.It is easy and fast for birth parents to discover any changes in behavior from their child as a result of regular visits.Also, there develops a lasting relationship between the child and his biological parents, due to constant interactions.There is good blood between the adopted child and his adoptive parents, and the child may end up regarding them as part of his extended family.Open adoption also saves birth parents the shame and guilty that could result from the adoption exercise.This is because, there is constant communication between the two families over the child.

Constant communication as a result of open adoption gives the adoptive parents confidence before the child is born, because they are not sure about the birth parents’ intentions.Open adoption also removes the necessity of medical records in the adoption process, and thus offer an opportunity for new medical information to be obtained.Adoptive family creates an everlasting relationship with the birth families, making them part of their extended family.The adoptive family gets a sense of encouragement, and pride knowing that they were entitled to raise the child for the other family.

Biological parents will be flexible to do other important things, and visit their child whenever they find time.As a result of this, the birth parents will be flexible to do their jobs, while maintaining constant communication with the adoptive family.The adopted child can identify himself with his biological family because, he will be knowing his birth parents.The adopted child will be confident because he can trace his family tree and associate himself with that family.The child will also stop feeling abandoned, a feeling that may lower his self-esteem to a great deal.This is because, the child can communicate with his biological parents, and find out the reasons that led to his adoption. The urge to look for his family is also quenched because the child will be knowing his parents.

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